hANa SeZ sO (fighter_not_lvr) wrote in ac_cheats,
hANa SeZ sO

i'm such a tard~!! >___<*

hey all! new to this community but not to the addictiveness that is animal crossing on nintendo DS ~XD

been playing for about a month now and (hopefully this isn't too dumb of a question) but, i have no idea how to catch fish!! i have the fishing pole and all and read all those little signs with tips on fishing, but alas, to no avail, no caught fish...i even sit there where i see fishes swimming, cast my line, and wait for them to bite, but still NADA! >___<''' i believe there's suppose to be some kinda bait to use, if so, what is it &/or where can i get it?

a million-billion-gagillion THANK YOUS in advance for help & tips!!! ^____________________^'''

p.s...this community rocks! i was just lookin' for a place like this to score some tips & cheats, kewl beans!!
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