"Golden" items.

Most of you already know all this,but anyway for those few that don't.

The golden shovel

Buy to shovels and bury one of them and leave it over night.The next morning or few times you turn it of and on againg,dig the burried shovel up.It will now be a golden shovel.

The golden fishing rod & net
Fishing rod:Catch 40 fish
Net:Catch 40 bugs

The golden axe

This is proberly the hardest yet.First you must have 14 or something trees at the most in every area.Pick up all the weeds,no dead plants,no stumps,nothing lieng on the ground,etc.On the 15 day the wishing well will gave you the golden axe.

I know it isn't very detailed........it was done in a rush.:/
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Does anyone have code to get flower seeds? Now that all four of my villagers have paid off their loans I'm cutting back trees and planting more flowers. It's just a pain that you can only get so many at a time. I've planted trees at the base of the cliff and the fence by the railroad tracks or in front of patches of shrubs so it doesn't take me so long to dig up fossils. Thanks in advanced.

Ps: Will trade or give bells for codes if you want.

i'm such a tard~!! >___<*

hey all! new to this community but not to the addictiveness that is animal crossing on nintendo DS ~XD

been playing for about a month now and (hopefully this isn't too dumb of a question) but, i have no idea how to catch fish!! i have the fishing pole and all and read all those little signs with tips on fishing, but alas, to no avail, no caught fish...i even sit there where i see fishes swimming, cast my line, and wait for them to bite, but still NADA! >___<''' i believe there's suppose to be some kinda bait to use, if so, what is it &/or where can i get it?

a million-billion-gagillion THANK YOUS in advance for help & tips!!! ^____________________^'''

p.s...this community rocks! i was just lookin' for a place like this to score some tips & cheats, kewl beans!!

Disappointed! AC GC

I'm so disappointed with Tom Nook's one hour sale! The letter makes it sound like there will be boatloads of NEW stuff but when my little character gets there the only thing out is a watermelon chair! WTH? Is he just trying to torture us or what?
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Help? AC 2002

I printed out the 30,000 cheat codes found on http://wwww.gamefaqs.com. I was in high heaven! It's been pretty helpful but there are some codes that don't work so I was wondering if anyone here could help me?

I got the Harvest bed but can't get any of the other things. It says that I'm not a winner. Is there any other way for me to get these things?

What is the deal with the pitfall? What do I do with it?

Also I can't get any of the jingle items either.

I got the lunar surface rug. I saw some cool wallpaper that looks like stars in one of the animal's houses. Can you actually get that wallpaper? Also there was some cool Egyptian wallpaper and such in another animal's house. Is that attainable?

If someone could help me out I'd be so grateful. Thanks!
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I have been playing Animal Crossing for a week now and started to get bored even with the cheats or without - anyway to spice up the game... the one I am playing is for Game Cube........... oh and how come when I bought a bird feeder from Tom Nook... if I try to display it outside my house its only a leaf but if I put it IN my house it turns into a bird feeder......... wouldn't it make more sense to put a bird feeder outside the house. I noticed that a lot with different objects??? Is it because I am in January or something?