Dennis Gomez (niggarican) wrote in ac_cheats,
Dennis Gomez

please, pimp my town!

ok am i glad i randomly crossed this communitys path. i need a lot of help. if someone could give me the answers to these question i would be oh so grateful

1) when you put in a code, what does it mean when tom tells you you are using someone elses password?
2) what the hell is so important about the golden fishing rod.. besides the fact that it is "golden"
3) does anything special happen when you get all of the models.
4)any tips on the paintings and where to find them. i cheated for all the ones i have... which reminds me.. if anyone has all the cheats for the paintings... that would help out.
5) and finally, what is the deal with blanca? does she ever move in your town.. and does she just aimlessly walk around like she owns the place.
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