Red Sox Fan (dunkin_donuts_1) wrote in ac_cheats,
Red Sox Fan

Help? AC 2002

I printed out the 30,000 cheat codes found on I was in high heaven! It's been pretty helpful but there are some codes that don't work so I was wondering if anyone here could help me?

I got the Harvest bed but can't get any of the other things. It says that I'm not a winner. Is there any other way for me to get these things?

What is the deal with the pitfall? What do I do with it?

Also I can't get any of the jingle items either.

I got the lunar surface rug. I saw some cool wallpaper that looks like stars in one of the animal's houses. Can you actually get that wallpaper? Also there was some cool Egyptian wallpaper and such in another animal's house. Is that attainable?

If someone could help me out I'd be so grateful. Thanks!
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If it says you're not a winner, just keep trying.

Pitfall is a thing you bury and can fall in, or a villager can fall in and get mad at you.

The wallpapers come from Wendell the walrus if you give him a fish.

:) It's been a while since I saw Wendell.. I wonder where the hell he's gotten off to! :) I'd better start catching some fish. Any hints as to which one he likes best?
pitfalls are great fun- my boyfriend went home from uni and took ac with him, and buried a pitfall, but his brother visited our village, dug it up and posted it to me...

we then had about a week of constant burying and finding of the pitfall, before he buried it behind one of my signboards and i fell into it...

that link doesn't work btw... and i'd really like to have a look- it's the only way i'll get ahead! :D
I'm pretty bored with the game. If I could get some different things to decorate with then it wouldn't be so bad. Plus I have no one else I can play with and so I've put it aside for now. Hopefully I'll want to pick up with it soon.